Our Brands


LINDBERG glasses are known around the world for their minimalist design. The brand is synonymous with award-winning, high-end rimless glasses and is often considered to make the best customized rimless eyeglasses in the world. Luxurious and elegant.

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Created on the Hawaiian Islands to make the colour shine, Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented PolarizedPlus2A® lens technology for brilliant colour so every detail is crisper and cleaner and without glare or harmful UV. Slip on a pair and See The Brilliance.


The Ray-Ban brand has continued to evolve and develop over the past 75 years to sit proudly amongst the worlds most iconic brands. A classic luxury brand that's not only at the fore front of technology but never forgets its roots. First produced in 1937 the Aviator frame changed the face of society forever.


Tiffany & Co has been the leading American fine jeweller for nearly 175 years, producing astounding jewels and distinctive design for every meaningful occasion. It is widely known for its iconic blue packaging and luxurious designs that has classic, glamorous written all over it.


Dolce and Gabbana Glasses Traditional, classic and elegant, the Dolce & Gabbana frames take luxury eyewear to another level with designs that stay true to the brand's Mediterranean heritage.


Calvin Klein is one of the worlds leading designer lifestyle brands with products that resonate globally. Calvin Klein Collection is the 'halo' for all Calvin Klein products and represents a sleek modernity, characterise by provocative and sophisticated designs with immaculate details and innovative materials.


For Lacoste, Life is a Beautiful Sport! Since the very first polo was created in 1933, Lacoste relies on its authentic sportive roots to spring optimism and elegance on the world thanks to a unique and original lifestyle for women, men and children.


The Chloe Eyewear Collection, captures the fluid femininity of the brand, taking inspiration from their seasonal RTW collection, accessories and iconic pieces which showcase the Chloe brand's superior use of foundational colours and textures.


Swarovski has merged its renowned precision cut crystal with state of the art optics to create an elegant collection of Swarovski that break new barriers in modern luxury design. The range of Swarovski features pure lines, slender frames and subtle styling. 


Bold, fashion-forward designs and sleek, refined styles meet in this collection of Guess eyeglasses for men and women. The young and adventurous Southern California lifestyle is embodied in this trendy eyewear collection.


One of the most popular UK designer brands of today is Ted Baker, offering a quirky, original collection of eyewear that is undoubtedly the epitome of style and fun. Established in 1988, Ted Baker collection reflects the brand's distinctive and unconventional approach to fashion and appeals to style-conscious men and women.


Fendi glasses are distinguished by their undisputed elegance in line with the style of the Italian brand. They aim to impress and captivate everyone's attention. Models are colourful and daring giving a unique look.


The brand named after its founder Hugo Boss, started out in a small workshop in Germany in 1923. Focusing mainly on clothing for over 70 years the brand looked at expanding their skills to footwear, accessories, fragrances and finally eyewear. Hugo Boss reflect the brands modern and avant-garde design. Certain styles focus on next generation materials such as titanium, which is ultra-lightweight, and precious. Hugo Boss are designed for young and confident people.


Founded in 1996, Jimmy Choo started out in a small boutique selling shoes in East London. With Jimmy Choo being the icon of accessories, he turned his attention to eyewear. Jimmy Choo show sophisticated styles that blend harmoniously with utmost versatility.


Quickly became known to the end consumer due to the elegant pieces it presents in its collections, design and technology combined. With collections always dedicated to sophisticated and independent women presents in 2017 an even more glamorous image, which appeals to the social life that today women have.


The JAGUAR Eyewear collection mirrors the unique elegance and drive of the JAGUAR sports car. Design interpretations from car to eyewear such as carbon fibre details, wood grain and interior materials characterize the collection. Lens shapes that closely adhere to the design language of the car as well as colour transfers further add to the JAGUAR magic of these frames, making them truly desirable products for men.


Driven by the same principles of design and performance, Land Rover Eyewear unites high-style aesthetics, technical innovation, and superior quality. Land Rover sunglasses offer maximum comfort with superior lenses, developed with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection and 99.99% polarised efficiency.


Designed and coloured in London with a quirky and stylish take on eyewear, this fashion forward collection is for the young minded individual. Directional yet highly sellable, the William Morris London collection offers strong margins in bold and courageous British styles for every personality.


Wolf frames are renowned for being lightweight, ergonomically superior and of the highest quality. Another reason as to why Wolf has taken the eyewear industry by storm is that they create functional, comfortable and fashion-forward frames at affordable prices, meaning you don't have to compromise on style.


With each new collection, Christian Lacroix creates unexpected mixes of materials and colours, adorns his silhouettes with lush baroque ornaments and revives the folkloric, historical and theatrical registers that are dear to him, always with elegance, sophistication and mastery.


The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” The new Hickmann eyewear collection features fashion, sexy styles inspired by the appealing world of Hickmann. The collection features bold, geometric and feminine shapes designed for the confident, fashionable woman.


The exclusive Coco Song eyewear collection pays homage to the golden age of Chinese culture and art combined with the attention to detail of Italian design. It originates from the desire to surprise with its use of unusual materials such as feathers, silks, lacquers and pressed flowers encased in the frame materials.


There are three unique features that really define the CliC brand and solve the problem of lost and broken readers; magnetic front connection, adjustable temples and a durable, permanent headband. Combining these three features provides you with readers designed to last that are conveniently, always around you.


All Dario Martini frames are made in the Dolomite region of Italy at a small family run factory. Every crystal is individually glued by hand and fixed firmly with a special coating that is applied and left to dry for 16 hours before being moved to the next stage of production. The crystals are all genuine Swarovski elements


Bravewear is a fashion project inspired by the new generations. Bravewear is for those who are not afraid to say what they think. To dreamers, free spirits without cultural prejudices. The strong character of this brand wants to represent the wearer: emancipated, activist, eco-responsible.


Style comes in a variety of colours and shapes. Julia Backer makes it effortless, with a stunning collection of Italian designed optical frames and sunglasses. This fresh, fashion-forward collection draws inspiration from the latest designer styles and adds its own exclusive twist.


We have introduced a new brand to our growing collection Charles Stone New York. Charles Stone best describe themselves as a Fashion eyewear at an affordable price. Eyewear that's inspired by the New York scene in the seventies and eighties, reinterpreted in a novel guise with strong personality and iconic details for a decidedly contemporary attitude.


Artist and eyewear designer Ronit Furst, is delighted to announce the launch of their new collection, Prue by Ronit Furst. The exclusive collaboration with entrepreneur, restaurateur and cook Prue Leith, builds on the essence and individuality of Ronit Furst’s hand painted collection.